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A number of measures have to be put in place to be able to demonstrate control over privacy and information security. In certain cases, for example, you must carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA), keep a processing register, handle data breaches correctly and take appropriate measures to manage risks. You must also carry out audits and make users aware of the risks. The GDPR states that a management system must be put in place for this purpose, but that’s easier said than done for many organisations.

The CyberManager will help you set up and implement this management system step by step to comply with the GDPR. This makes it easier for you to comply with the GDPR. The CyberManager also fully aligns with an Information Security Management System (ISMS) on which information security standards are based. This allows you to easily comply to the ISO27001 standard, or the derived NEN7510, BIG, BIR and IBHO for the care, local and national government and education respectively.

The CyberManager also arranges the testing of your security (Technology) and the risk awareness of your employees is regulated (People)


Hackers constantly evolve new ways to penetrate systems. Security that still works today can allow a breach tomorrow, putting you at risk. So you should test your security regularly.

The CyberManager offers you a range of options for automated scans which regularly test the security of your systems. This gives you a better insight into whether your digital doors might be open.


Various studies have shown that the human factor is still the main cause of data breaches. E-mail blunders, weak passwords, opening infected (viruses/ransomware) e-mail attachments and not installing security updates are unfortunately still common.

In addition to basic Privacy and Cyber Security awareness training, the CyberManager also offers several additional training courses that you can take in modules. Participants learn the most common dangers and pitfalls in the daily use of ICT, internet, (social) media, both business and private, and learn to recognise abuse by third parties. Prevention is always better than cure.

Privacy by Design

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Demonstrably compliant with the GDPR, ISO 27001, NEN 7510, BIG, BIR and your risks under control

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Information security and privacy demand an
integral, company-wide and risk driven approach.

The GDPR privacy legislation (AVG in its Dutch implementation) stipulates that you must protect personal data properly by being able to demonstrate that your information security is absolutely in order. You are responsible for taking appropriate organisational and technical measures, performing risk analyses and controls, and arranging privacy and security awareness for your employees.

The GDPR therefore goes much further than just registering processing operations and carrying out Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA's). And that’s logical. If the information is not properly secured, the door will be opened to cyber criminals and the chance of a data breach will increase, with the associated risk of reputational damage and loss and recovery costs. Locking an ordinary door against burglars is an obvious solution. But what digital doors exist? Where are they in your organisation? Which are open and which should be closed? And how? Many organisations, particularly in the care, education and SME sectors, are struggling with these questions. A lack of resources, material knowledge and risk awareness is often the cause.

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